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 ImageLionshead Lair will continue breeding. Jessi, Gina, Donna, Cheryl, Terry will be using Janes Lions to continue her legacy. Jessi, in Illinois, will be the new location for Lionshead Lair.  She will be moving to Kentucky soon so stay tuned for further updates!

Also, the site will be updated soon with new pictures of the rabbits that are left in the rabbitry and of the new babies once they are ready to have their pictures taken.  The site will be re-aranged a bit too.  That way, the memory of Jane will be able to continue.

Other breeders will post there lions from jane on this website and will be linked back to there home site.


                     JANES WORKS : WILL BE OUR REWARDS



                                         IN MEMORY OF JANE 

                                                  JULY 27,2007

                                   I MISS YOU MY DEAR FREIND.

                                            YOUR THE BEST! BITTERSWEET!!


 Jane was my sister, if not in blood but in spirit. She and I loved to talk for   hours. She made me laugh, she made me cry, she made me shoot coffee out my nose. She made me want to fight for what I believed in. I will never forget her and a part of her will always be in my heart. I carry a bracelet she gave me. A circle of life. Gold for the purest of friendship, silver for the strength in our friendship that we swore would last till we had silver in our hair.
Jane "CrazyRedHorse" will ride forever in my thoughts.
Gina~  7/29/2007                                  

Jane, I will miss you! We had some great conversations on email : )
May you find peace in heaven, my prayers are sent towards you. My very first Lionhead was Lionheads Lair Sarah.
Paul Martin, Vermont
Mountain Pride Rabbitry

I have tried to start this many times over the last few days. But it has been too hard. I just couldn't think of the right opening to talk about the end. So i guess I will start it the way I sometimes would start my emails to her...

It's a bird...It's a plane...NO IT'S SUPER JANE! E;O)

Anyone who knew Jane knew of her love of life, of taking the bull by the horns, of speaking her mind, of freedom, of the stars, of her friends, of her bunnies, of her family...of Superman!

To those who never got to know her, let me tell you a bit about her. She was loyal, she was couragious, she was a free spirit. She was fire, she was kindness, she loved to iritate the piss out of you one minute and make you cry laughing the next. She was insecure as the rest of us, she needed words of reassurance like you and me. She was human. She was my sister.

She left behind so many memories that I know I could sit for hours and talk your ear off about them, call me sometime and I will remenisce with you. She left behind lots of friends. Some of those friends she didn't even know how much she had touched their lives.

Life can be so short, and not all the words that need to be said are said. A good friend once told me "Lost time can never be found again". When we lose someone dear to us we always wished we had more time. More time to talk, more time to laugh, more time to share, more time to learn, more time to just be there. But time gets away from us in the blink of an eye.

Jane worked so hard on her rabbits. She loved them, they were her pride and joy. Her comfort.

I loved the times we had just talking bunny talk. She always knew how to make me laugh. Whether it was taking a dare and buying "Clarky" underpants for a Christmas photo, or talking about crabs in a barrel. Jane touched my life, and I know she did others as well. I know that she will always live in my heart and in my thoughts. I know I will hold my memories dear, tucked within me...waiting to pop out when I least expect them. When I see a shooting star, when I see Red White and Blue, when I see a rickety truck pass by with flags waving proudly, when I see an almost perfect rabbit with a spot on it's nose and know it is "Almosthere", when I see a group of crabs scurrying by at the beach...

I will see Jane's spirit riding free on Markee...I will see my Crazy Red Horse...Image

   I hope you're still reading these posts wherever you are. I hope you are at peace and enjoying your ride on Markee again. May the wind blow in your hair forever. Thank you for the bunnies you left behind for us to work with! I am sure all those that have your stock will do you proud and keep up the dreams you had for your lines. I am so glad you got to win something great before God decided it was your time to go. I could not be at your service today but I know you can feel my heart and it knows how you loved your bunnies. God will take care of your family and everytime they feel a rush of air go past them...they will know it is you riding by as fast as the wind on Markee!
Take care friend,
You will be rembered more than you think,
Patsy Brooks




                                     CONTACT ME!  
                           Email: mysticalgypsy@frontiernet.net


ECRCBA - 4/09/06 - Taunton Mass.
LLR'S Galaxy - BOB, BOV
RBB'S Clark Kent - BOV
LLR'S Moonbeam - BOV

8/5/06 - ECRCBA Topsfield MM Double Show
LLR'S Crystaline - 2 BOV's
Mossy Possum Berkeley - 2 BOSV's
Bash River's Stefan - 2 BOV's
Hat Trick's Mojo - 1st Place JR Tort Buck - 2 times

9/17/06 - Nutmeg RBA - Goshen, CT
RBB's Clark Kent - BOV
Mossy Possum Berkeley - BOSV
Hat Trick Mojo - 1st Place JR Tort Buck

ECRCBA - Topsfield, CT
RBB's Clark Kent - Another BOV!
LLR'S Starlight - BOV!

                        Image            Image           

                  This is the premier site  in  ILLINOIS  

   for Lionhead  Rabbits !


         I have a small rabbitry located in Northeast Connecticut. I've been breeding  rabbits since 1991.  In 2001 I began breeding lionheads exclusively.  Lionheads are a very unique breed of rabbit with an extremely distinctive look.

The big fluffy "manes" of the lionhead breed give the rabbit it's special name.  Lionhead rabbits have the most wonderful temperments, and are easily handled making them perfect for pets. You would be hard pressed to find a fluffier, more adorable little pet. It is essential  to keep them groomed, but it isn't as hard as some of the other wooley breeds.

I've bred Netherland Dwarfs, Jersey Woolies, Angoras, and Mini Rex to name a few.  I have to say the lionheads for me are the most enjoyable rabbit to breed.



 April 9th, 2006 Taunton Massachusetts Show

Lionheads Lair of Griswold, CT. is pleased to announce our first show and our first win!

LLR'S Galaxy kicked butt and took BOB and BOV!Galaxy is a 3rd generation home grown lionhead!                          

    If you have any questions about rabbit care, lionheads or are interested in any rabbit on the 
 SALE sale page please contact me at:

                 EMAIL: Jessi  Spurr 




                                        Thank you Pam!
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ARBA MEMBER                                                     
Thank you Susan of Clover Blosson for help with the pictures;)                  
Banners courtesy of Tammy from Setze's DandeLions Rabbitry
Clipart courtesy of Island Gems Rabbitry
More clipart courtesy of Pam from Nock's Rabbitry
The fuel for my long trips to get rabbits! 701 mile straight through drive to Ohio! LOVE this stuff! I can do anything as long as I have this stuff!!!! THANKS A BUNCH RED BULL!!

Another photo courtesy of Donna!!! Thanks for thinking of me!

                  In Memory of Markee  ( In Memory of  Jane Ramirez)
                    2/11/86 - 6/02/02        (May 6, 1970  July 27, 2007)
Mark's Bargain - Registered Standardbred.
Competive Trail Champion and Best Friend.
 I miss you Mark. I miss you every hour of every day. I miss your clean horse smell, the feel of your velvety coat, your long thick silky tail, the mean look you would give me, even your independence and willfulness. I loved that about you. The fiery spirit .... all of it. I keep thinking of the long gallops we took down those long and winding trails ... the feeling of freedom you gave me ... my hair flying in the wind behind me ... I even miss getting smacked in the head by tree branches. For just one more late night ride on you Markee I would do anything.


           Thanks for being over there for us guys!


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